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Reading Lists: a step-by-step guide for Academic Staff

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When submitting your reading list each item should have an 'Essential', 'Recommended' or 'Background' tag applied to it. Tags will help students and the Library understand the importance of the item in addition to facilitating decisions to be made about the number of copies to be made available.

Tagging the items on your list

The Reading List system will allow you to tag each item as you add it to your list. There are various tags available but the most important are:

  • Essential reading – very important to the course, all students will need to use this text.
  • Recommended reading – supplementary texts which students are encouraged to use.
  • Background reading – additional texts which are suggested for background subject area reading.

Not only will your students use this information to prioritise their reading for your module, but this also links to the ordering criteria for addition to library stock:

SAgE and HaSS Faculty modules

  • Essential and Recommended reading – book/student ratio for printed stock:
    • SAgE – 1:5
    • HaSS – 1:10 to 1:50
    • Law – 1:25
  • Background reading – one copy will be ordered for long loan.
  • For all reading eBook access will be pursued.
FMS Faculty modules
  • Essential and Recommended reading – 1:8 book/student ratio for printed stock.
  • Background reading – at least two copies will be ordered for long loan.
  • For all reading eBook access will be pursued.

In addition to specifying whether an item you have added to your reading list is essential, recommended or background reading, you can recommend a course of action to the Library's Reading List team. These options include:

  • Requires CLA scanning.
  • Not Yet Published.
  • Approved Source Material.
  • Transfer to STC.

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