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Reading Lists: a step-by-step guide for Academic Staff

Reading Lists - Create

Adding an item which requires CLA scanning
  • Add your book chapter or print journal article using the instructions in the previous section.
  • Ensure you provide full details of the request, e.g. edition, year, chapter number and page numbers.
  • Your request also needs to conform with the CLA guidelines found here.
  • Once the item is in your Reading List, click to Add tags to item.
  • Select Requires CLA scanning as a tag and save.

  • This tag will be picked up by the CLA Digitisation Team who will make the scan available and add the CLA link to the item. Unless there is an issue with the request you will not receive any additional contact from the Library. You will know your request has been successful as the link will be live and the material will be accessible by the students registered on your module.


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