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Reading Lists: a step-by-step guide for Academic Staff

The Reading Lists - Finish service banner showing an owl.

If you manage your own lists online you can easily add and edit items on your Reading Lists. Please do remember to tag your items as essential, recommended or background reading, to send your list to the Library for completion and to publish your list to make it accessible to your students.

Sending your list to the Library

After you have created and edited your list, please make sure you send it to the Library. This means that the Library can check your list and take any appropriate action: order items, create CLA scans or move books to the STC section(s).

To do this, click the SEND LIST button near the top of your list.

An image showing the SEND LIST button to submit your list to the library.

Publishing a new list

If you have created a new list, then you will need to publish this:

  • To make your list visible to students it needs to be published.
  • Unpublished lists will have a status of Draft and can only be viewed by list creators and collaborators.

If there are issues with any items on the reading list, then the University Library's Reading Lists team will make the appropriate edits to items.

To publish a reading list:

  • Go to the options drop-down menu (three dots …) in My Lists, or from within the list you wish to publish, and select Publish.

An image showing how to publish a reading list.

Student Preview mode

You can view the list as your students will see it.

Click on the Reading list options menu:

An image showing how to view a reading list as a student.

Then select 'View list as a student'.

When you are finished, click on the cross on the blue 'Student view mode' banner at the bottom of the screen to return to your normal view.

Image of a meadow with the words 'The wise choice' showing