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Books on Loan Queries: a guide for the perplexed

This guide provides essential information and guided learning to familarise new staff with all types of books on loan queries (BOL queries). It also provides more advanced training materials for members of the books on loan queries team.

Welcome to this guide on Books on Loan queries

Welcome to this Library Guide on Books on Loan queries

Sometimes, to avoid repetition and for brevity, Books on Loan Queries is shortened to BOL queries.    

The guide is structured to help introduce the subject but also provides more detailed guidance and information.  As with all guides, it can be used as little or as much as is needed.  It is also the place to come for refreshing your knowledge or clearing a pathway forward.  The guide is structured thematically and where possible uses diagrams or charts to illustrate the learning required.

The introductory session explains the nature of Books on Loan queries, suggesting possible learning pathways for someone completely new to this topic (or needing to brush up again) and more specialised tasks.  However, this is only one possible learning route and it is both possible and encouraged to dip into and out of sections as required.

I really hope you find this guide useful and informative.  There is a quiz at the end if you would like to tests your knowledge.  Any suggestions for improvements or errors, please get in touch and I'll happily incorporate them or make amendments to future versions of the guide.