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Books on Loan Queries: a guide for the perplexed

This guide provides essential information and guided learning to familarise new staff with all types of books on loan queries (BOL queries). It also provides more advanced training materials for members of the books on loan queries team.

Introduction to Books on Loan queries with Notices and Overdues procedures

Often Books on Loan queries result in or result from Overdue fees and charges, so it is very useful to know how queries about claimed returned and claimed not borrowed items are integrated with the current overdue and lost books procedures, and the library's notices to patron's regarding outstanding issues to do with their library account.  When a books on loan query relates to notices and overdues this is when the item or items is/are already at the invoice stage.

Thus a books on loan query can be:

  1. at the point of enquiry or dispute still unresolved but not yet reached the invoice stage
  2. or, has already reached the invoice stage at the point of initial enquiry or dispute

In each case, there is a flow-chart that helps explain the process and puts into context the relationship between overdues, notices, and books on loan queries. Because there is a lot of information the flow-charts are divided into:

  1. Claimed returned/claimed not borrowed long loan items not recalled with overdues and notices
  2. Claimed returned/claimed not borrowed long loan items but recalled with overdues and notices
  3. STC/overnight loans that are claimed returned or claimed not borrowed

This learning materials and flowcharts sections provide the detailed guidance in the next two sections.