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Books on Loan Queries: a guide for the perplexed

This guide provides essential information and guided learning to familarise new staff with all types of books on loan queries (BOL queries). It also provides more advanced training materials for members of the books on loan queries team.

Introduction to learning materials

These information sheets outline the types of enquiry you will come across in Books on Loan queries.

This section starts by asking what is meant when we refer to Books on Loan queries.

The books on Loan query form is a key part of the whole query process, therefore this sections contains some essential guidance on how to complete the form and some annotated comments attached to a copy of the form itself.

This section includes some brief guidance in resolving some frequently asked questions about Books on Loan queries.

This section includes a copy of the current and proposed email templates used by Books on Loan Query staff to respond to patron's queries. They are included here for reference and because the training guidance outlined in the following sections make reference to them.