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The Criminal Law Quarterly bound journal spine and loose part front cover         Journals are essentially academic magazines ⁠— articles, reviews, opinion pieces or even professional updates, for example, can be published in a journal. Issues, or parts, are released throughout the year. They are then bound together by year, or volume, and put on our shelves. 

If you want to find an article, you need to find:

  • the title of the journal
  • the year and/or volume
  • the page number that the article starts with

In the Law Library, we have a vast collection of journals and they are shelved in 4 areas, alphabetically:

  • A-H (including Criminal Law Quarterly)
  • H-M (including Harvard Law Review)
  • M-Y (including Modern Law Review)
  • Current Journals (these are the current year's, or volume's, issues)

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Walk into next room (watch the step!) to locate pause point Law 12 - Current Journals

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As a University Library, we have a lot of print material. With over 0.8 million books and 450 journal titles, we can't hold everything in the centre of Newcastle. So, the Library has access to state-of-the-art off-campus storage facilities, meaning we can hold less-used material for much longer than some other academic libraries.

These materials can all be requested using online forms, and you'll be provided with a scan of what you need, or it can be retrieved for you and collected from the Philip Robinson Library or Walton Library.

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