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Newcastle Libraries - Self Guided Tours

Philip Robinson Library banner showing Book Trust Collection shelves and two students talking.

Level 4 - Study Space

Level 3 and level 4 of the Library are where you’ll find our books and a range of study spaces. Both floors are laid out in a similar way, the main differences are their colour scheme (level 3 is green and level 4 is purple) and the subjects of the resources you'll find on each (more on that later). 

Photograph of the Level Four Research Space.Right now, you're standing outside of our Research Space - a silent study area with desk lamps and ergonomic chairs that's open to everyone to use.  Just outside is our open silent study area.  

As you explore level 4, look out for other spaces for silent or quiet study, individual study areas including individual study rooms, and spaces with a PC. We also have bookable group study rooms where you can work with others on collaborative projects.  Remember, there are interactive maps around the building to help you find a space that's right for you.

As you head toward the next pause point see if you can spot the shelving that's decorated with our Special Collections images too!

Accessible study spaces

Photograph showing an accessible study room.While you're exploring, do take a peak at our accessible study spaces too.

Accessible Study Rooms can be found at the Philip Robinson, Marjorie Robinson and Walton libraries. These rooms are available for individual use by students (plus a support worker if applicable) who have been referred by the University's Student Wellbeing Service. These rooms must be booked in advance and you need your university smartcard to enter. Each accessible study room includes a height adjustable desk, and cluster PC with standard and specialist software, including Dragon Naturally Speaking.

There are two of these individual rooms on Level 4 (Room 404 and Room 413). Take a look at the Library floor plans or our interactive map screens to locate the accessible study rooms on Level 2 (Room 225) and Level 3 (Room 304 and Room 313). You can also follow the links in the Explore More section to find out about the Library's services and facilities for those who require additional support.

Booking a study space

Want to guarantee your favourite study room or reserve a space for you and your friends to put your heads together? There are a range of study rooms available to book in advance. 

Booking a study space at the Philip Robinson Library is quick and easy with everything done online via the book a study space page on the library website. You can make your booking up to 14 days in advance which should provide some peace of mind as your assignment deadlines and exams approach, and slots are available from a minimum of 15 minutes to a maximum of 8 hours per day which can be spread across 2 bookings (2 x 4 hour bookings max per day).

This may seem an obvious point to make but don't forget to turn up for your allocated booking and make sure you check in and check out using the desk QR code so the Library can efficiently manage study spaces and maximise availability for all.

Explore more

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