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Newcastle Libraries - Self Guided Tours

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Collaborative Study

From the entrance, looking beyond the book shelves either to the right, or to the left, you will find our main collaborative study areas. This is where you will be able to make use of desks of various sizes, whiteboards, computers, large screens and work together with your peers. Whether you are helping each-other with individual projects, providing moral support or working together on a group presentation, this may be the space for you. This is an area where students can both work and interact without the worry of disturbing those in silent and quiet study areas.

Next stop: From where you found this pause point, go behind the bookshelves and follow the computers all along the wall and around the next study area. Walton 6 is near the photocopier at the end of a short row of computers.

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The Snug

Have you found The Snug yet? You'll probably walk past it later, so you don't need to start searching for it yet. Tucked away to one side of the Dene corridor connecting the collaborative section of the Library to the Quiet area, the Snug is the perfect, private area for you to sit back and read a good book.

This is one of the more comfortable areas, with nice booths, offering you relaxing sofas to sit on with your friends.

Image of the Snug. It shows the yellow pillar with the Collaborative sign and covered drinks. There are two students working in the forefront and on student working on a laptop in one of the booths in the background.