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Specialist Law Reports

Law Library Specialist Reports room, books on shelves, desk and chairs, a window and framed photos on the wall of Inspirational Women of the Law

The Specialist Law Reports room contains law reports that deal with particular areas of law. For example: Lloyd's Law Reports (which are published in relation to shipping), Industrial Relations Law Reports (employment and labour law), Road Traffic ReportsCriminal Appeal Reports, and a sub-series of the Criminal Appeal Reports: Sentencing which details the sentences delivered on the defendants following a guilty verdict.

We have a wide selection of these law reports held in this room within the Law Library, but you will also be able to access some titles online via LexisWestlaw and Library Search.

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Turn around and look for pause point Law 7 - British Law Reports

Explore more

We love using print resources here in the Law Library, but as a registered student or member of staff, you have access to a multitude of excellent and comprehensive online resources. A great law student can use both print and online resources. One of the most popular legal databases is Westlaw Edge UK which is listed on our Law Subject Guide. You can use the Westlaw Topics page to browse by subject through law reports (those you find on the shelves here in the Specialist Law Reports room), legislation, e-books and journal articles.

If you are a new Law School student, you will be introduced to Westlaw Edge UK as part of your degree induction programme, but if you want a sneak peek at the database in advance, you can watch this short video (4:42 mins).