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Short Loan

Short Loans are a collection of Library materials in demand or defined as essential course reading. They can be borrowed for 2 days.

When a book or journal article is needed by many students and we are unable to buy additional copies or e-versions, a copy may be Short Loan. These items can only be borrowed for a short amount of time so that as many students as possible can have access to the material they need for their studies.

To borrow a Law Library Short Loan item, you should check Library Search first to make sure the item is available. You will need your Smartcard to borrow anything from this collection.

Short Loan items are held in the shelves next to the Law Library Office and are labelled as "Short Loan" on the spine and cover. If you can't find an item you're looking for, please ask a member of staff at the Library Help Desk.

Check your Library Reading Lists via Canvas too. If we can digitise the chapter or article you need, we will.

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Have you discovered your module reading lists yet?

Your reading lists provide you with easy access to books, e-books, e-journals and anything else your module leader recommends, although legislation and cases are not usually included as your academics want you to be able to locate these for yourselves. These online lists are clearly labelled as essential, recommended or background reading so you can quickly make decisions about what you want to read.

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