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Philip Robinson Library banner showing Book Trust Collection shelves and two students talking.

The Student Texts Collection

The Student Texts Collection (usually shortened to The STC) is a collection of Library materials in heavy demand or defined as essential course reading.  When a book or journal article is needed by many students and we are unable to buy additional copies or e-versions, a copy is placed in the STC. These items can only be borrowed for a short amount of time so that as many students as possible can have access to the material they need for their studies.

You’re welcome to sit here in these comfortable chairs and read the chapter or article you need for your module, or you can borrow the item using the self-issue machine in the room.

You can borrow a maximum of three STC items at a time and these items are currently available for a maximum of 4 hours or overnight if borrowed after 6pm. Overdue charges will be payable on these items if you don’t bring them back on time so remember to check the due date and time when you borrow them!

Photograph of the STC including two chairs and bookshelves in the background.

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Your reading lists provide you with easy access to books, e-books, e-journals and anything else your module leader recommends. These online lists are clearly labelled so you can quickly make decisions about what you want to read.