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Newcastle Libraries - Self Guided Tours

Philip Robinson Library banner showing Book Trust Collection shelves and two students talking.

Library Search

Welcome to the Level 4 Help point (you'll find one of these on Level 3 too), here you can quickly access the Library website, send us a question on Library Help, make a study Photograph of the information point on level 4 of the Philip Robinson booking, or use Library Search.

When moving around the building you might also notice our smaller Library Search terminals dotted on all floors. In fact, if you turn around 180 degrees you should see one now!

'But why would I use one of these Library Search terminals?' I hear you ask. Well, it will certainly quicken up the process of finding a library book on our shelves when you don't have the time to browse.

Library Search is our digital catalogue, which holds a record of the resources available across all of Newcastle University's Libraries. Essentially, it's an advanced search engine that will provide the location and access details for any of our 1.4 million items of physical or digital stock.

You can also access Library Search via the Library website and the University App.

While we're here, why not give Library Search a go!

Remember, you can enter a subject, book title, author, or combination of them all into the search bar.  

Try a search for your subject area or look for books on 'study skills'.  Select a book from the results list and see if you can spot:

  • Which Library is the book located in?
  • What Level will you find the book on?
  • What is the book's shelfmark?
  • Is the book available online?
Explore more

Photograph of the arrow loop windows in the Philip Robinson Library.Did you notice something unusual about the shape of the windows in this part of the Library?

These long windows set diagonally into the wall are designed to improve the natural light for reading, but they might also remind you of arrow slit windows from old medieval castles! 

Sitting on the top of the hill, with its arrow slit windows, brick walls, and the bridge at it's entrance all adds to the castle-like feel of the Philip Robinson Library!

You can find out more about Newcastle University's architecture on the University website.