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Newcastle Libraries - Self Guided Tours

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Quiet and Silent Study Areas

Located in the North side of the buildingQuiet study with the shelves and a view towards the Silent Study, the Quiet Study area of the Walton Library is where you’ll find a lot of study spaces.

Our Quiet and Silent Study areas are where most students go to study and benefit from the lack of noise.

We recommend that you bring your own device in this area, but there are a few computers that you could use.

Right now, you're standing in the Quiet area, facing the shelves and the glass entrance to the Silent Study, towards the left. To your right, you can go deeper into the Quiet Study and find the few computers located there.

Go towards the Silent Study. Can you spot the slightly hidden Study Room N next to the fire exit?

Next stop: Go near the shelves to find Walton 14 and learn more about the collections housed here.