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You are now standing in the Law Library's Reference Room. In addition to access to your Law Library Team, this room contains legislation covering England and Wales, a 5-seat PC Cluster (one PC with a height-adjustable desk), an accessible networked printer, two photocopier/scanners, and most importantly, the staplers!

Here you will also find a touchscreen linked to Library Search. Library Search is our digital catalogue which holds a record of the resources available across all of Newcastle University's Libraries. Essentially, it's an advanced search engine that will provide the location and access details for any of our 0.8 million books, 0.7 million e-books, or 54,000 e-journals.

So, Library Search will identify books, journals and law reports we have access to and will tell you where to find them, both in the Law Library and via our online services. You can use the touch screen PC, or log in to one of the desktop PCs. You can also access Library Search using your own device via the Library website and the University App.

Speech bubble with the words: Now it's your turn!

While we're here, why not give Library Search a go?

Try a search for an area of Law that you are interested in (for example: Human Rights, Brexit, Land Law) or look for books on 'study skills'. 

Remember, you can enter a subject, book title, author, or combination of them all into the search bar.

Select a book from the results list and see if you can spot:

  • Which Library is the book located in?
  • What Level or Area will you find the book?
  • What is the book's shelfmark?
  • Is the book available online?
  • From your list of search results, are you offered a book, a journal, or something else?

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Remain in the Reference Room for pause point Law 5 - Law in Literature Collection.

Explore more

Did you know you can access Library Search on any PC, laptop and even your mobile device via the Newcastle University App.

You will even find a Library Search touchscreen in the Law Library's Reference Room. However, you will not be able to open online resources such as e-books or journal articles this way. You will need to use a PC, laptop or mobile device to read these.

Library Search is also available via the Library website.

Don't forget to log in using your Newcastle University ID & password.

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