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Finding our journals

Physical access to journals

We’re staying in the Quiet Study for now, to find out about access to journals. These shelves used to store journals ranging from  the American Journal of Dentistry all the way to Toxicology in Vitro. However, we are moving our stock to facilitate access to the resources most needed by our students

Don't worry! All those journals and many others are available to borrow from the Library’s Research Reserve facilities. These are the Library’s storage facilities, some located on campus and including a state-of-the-art facility off-campus. These allow the Library to keep less-used material for much longer than other academic libraries. These combined storage facilities provide over 29 kilometres of shelf space! 

If you’ve spotted something you’d like to borrow from the Research Reserve, it can be requested via Library Search. Simply log in using your campus ID, find the item you are looking for and then click the blue “Request Scan/Borrow” button. You’ll get a choice of pickup locations (either the Walton or Philip Robinson libraries).

Requesting scans

The Desktop Delivery Service (DDS) allows you to request a scanned article from a journal held in one of the Library’s stores. Articles can be requested via Library Search. Alternatively, you can fill out our Journal Article Request form.

You can only request one scanned article per journal issue. The scanned article will be delivered to your University email address, from where it can be downloaded and printed. Requests are generally fulfilled within 24 hours, although this may take longer over weekends or on bank holidays. You have 30 days to download your article before it is no longer available.   

If your article is available electronically or can be borrowed from the Walton Library, your scan will be rejected.  

If you have any other queries about the Desktop Delivery Service, you might like to read some of our FAQs

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