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Law Library Computer Cluster

Across the four libraries, there are over 800 desktop PCs for you to use. They all feature a wide range of software, including Microsoft Office and EndNote. You are also provided with access to your own file space (or H:\ drive), which is useful for saving documents and research while at University. IT on campus and remote use is supported by the University's IT service.

Free Wi-Fi is widely available across campus.

Within the Law Library, we have two PC clusters. One can be found in the Reference Room (the smallest cluster on campus), the other (with 24 PCs) is upstairs past the Foreign Law Reports. There are printers in both of our clusters; scanners and photocopiers can be found in our Reference Room.

An image of the Law Library's Computer Cluster: credit to Emilia Mickiewicz (Newcastle Law School)

If you need help, you can use the telephone in the upstairs cluster to contact the IT Service Desk or pop across to the Philip Robinson Library Service Bar on Level 2.

Please note: some of the Library's computer clusters are also used for teaching, so they may sometimes be booked. Check the door to see the timetable for the day.

 Arrow with 'Next Stop' written inside

To leave the Law Library you must return the way you entered. (Walk back through the Foreign Law Reports room, down the stairs to the lower ground floor, up the ramp, through the door, through the Current Journals room, down the step, though the Journals room, open the door and turn left at Self Service through the exit and back up the stairs to the ground floor. If you get lost, just ask someone for directions!) Before you leave the building, we invite you to locate pause point Law 18 - Student Common Room

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Law Library PC cluster - students at PCs, pictures of judges hanging on a red wall, US Law Reports on books shelves.            Two framed etchings on a red wall. Etchings are of words and swirling lines.Did you spot the artwork on the walls in the Law Library's computer cluster?

In response to one of the oldest books in the Law Library, The Hobart's Reports, poet Joanne Clement and artist Julia McKinlay created A Curious Case (etchings, 2017). These two pieces were commissioned by Newcastle Law School for the fortieth anniversary of the Law Library. 

You may also have noticed the caricatures of British judges on the walls. Did you spot anything unusual about how they were hung?

You will see lots of artwork around the Law School: from portraits of Inspirational Women of the Law to window designs inspired by Lady Hale's robes.

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