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Newcastle Libraries - Self Guided Tours

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The Walton Library Café

The Walton Library Café is a great place to come and take a break from your studies. You’ll find lots of comfortable seating where you can enjoy a range of sandwiches, hot and cold drinks and snacks. 

Take a wander through now and see if you can spot the Dental Hospital through the window.

In the Café you'll also find hot and cold water taps, and vending machines for extra snacks!

Students socialising in the Walton Cafe

Eating and Drinking in the Library

Keeping hydrated and eating well is important when studying, but to protect Library resources, computer equipment and furnishings, and to keep the Library a comfortable environment for everyone to work in, we do have some regarding around what you can snack on in your study space.

As we continue on our tour, look out for helpful signs around the Library that tell you about the food and drink permitted in each study area.

Next stop: From the Cafe, walk past the vending machines and you will find Walton 10.

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