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Silent Study Area

Black circle with white icon of face profile and finger shushingThis part of the Law Library is for silent study with individual study spaces.

The Law Library is an academic library where we ask you to study quietly and with respect and consideration to your peers. There is a collaborative study space within the Law Library (Mooting Room) for group work and discussion. However, the silent study area is for silence and study!

This area also holds our International Law Room, European Law Room, the Foreign Law Reports, Statutory Instruments and Law Commission Reports:

  • Books with the shelfmark of 341 can be found in the International Law Room.
  • Books with the shelfmark of 348 can be found in the European Law Room.
  • Statutory Instruments and Law Commission Reports are tucked away to the left as you enter the Silent Study Area.
Foreign Law Reports

An image of the Foreign Law Reports area in the Law Library. There are study spaces with lamps, and shelving containing law reports.

Within the Silent Study area, you will see the Foreign Law Reports. This room contains law reports from common law jurisdictions, such as the Australian Law Reports (they need no explanation!) and the Dominion Law Reports (Canada). We also have some United Nations materials here. 

Foreign law reports are crucial in a UK law library as they provide valuable insights into legal systems and precedents from other jurisdictions, allowing law students, academics and legal professionals to compare and contrast approaches, enhance their understanding, and make informed arguments. By accessing foreign law reports, UK lawyers can broaden their perspectives, improve legal research, and gain a global understanding of legal principles, ultimately contributing to a more comprehensive and nuanced legal practice.   

 Arrow with 'Next Stop' written inside


Walk back through the Law Library and find the exit. The next pause point Law 16 - Computer Cluster is in the Law School on the ground floor.

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We have a study space for every preference, so take some time to explore our Libraries and across Campus to find an environment to suit your study habits.

Each of our libraries have summary details of services available and floor plans to help you locate your favourite study space:

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