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Current Journals

Law Library Current PERS room (journals on metal shelves, front covers facing out, desk and chairs)

In our Current Journals room, you will find journal issues, or parts, from this year or volume. At the end of this year, or volume, we will bundle them together and place them in our Bound Journals rooms.

The most recent issue will be placed on the front of our Current Journal shelves. Underneath (just lift up the sloping shelf) you will find previous issues. However, if you want an journal from several years ago, you will need to find it on our Bound Journals shelves.

We also have some ephemeral journals in this room, as well as some professional directories and law student guides.

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Walk through the door, down the ramp and into Mooting Room to pause point Law 13 - Mooting

Explore more

BrowZine is a clever tool which allows you to explore a journal as though you were looking at it in your hands. It's available directly from Library Search, as noted in this Subject Support blog post, or you can use this window below to access and browse through the law journal collection.