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Newcastle Libraries - Self Guided Tours

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Computer Clusters and Study Rooms

Across the four Libraries, we provide access to over 800 desktop PCs, but you will find many more across campus. All PCs feature a wide range of software, including Microsoft Office and EndNote.

You’ll also have access to your own file space, or H:\ drive, which is useful for saving documents and research while you’re at University. Simply log in using your University ID and password.

Most PC clusters have a range of printers. In the Walton Library, the only printers are situated between the desk and STC, but these are connected to all PCs in the clusters. Can you find them on the map? You walked past them at the beginning of the tour.

Our computer clusters (Dene, Linn and the Glen) are also used for teaching, so they may sometimes be booked. Check the door to see the timetable for the day.

We also have study rooms dotted throughout the Library, where you can concentrate on your work. Choose between different sized rooms and make sure you select the one with the equipment that you need (e.g. PC, large screen, whiteboard).

Accessible Study Room

At the end of the corridor, on the right, an accessible study room is also available for individual use by students who have been referred by the University's Student Wellbeing Service (if you require a support worker, they are welcome too). The room must be booked in advance by contacting the Walton Library Accessibility Group. You will need your University smartcard to enter, but if there are any access issues, our colleagues at the desk will be more than happy to assist you. The accessible study room includes a height adjustable desk and a PC with standard and specialist software (including JAWS text to speech, ClaroRead Plus, MindView, and Dragon Naturally Speaking). You can find other accessible study rooms at the Philip Robinson Library and the Marjorie Robinson Library Rooms.

Next stop: Just before Room H, you can turn right and find Walton 13.

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