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English Law Reports

Law Library Law Reports - books on shelf down a corridorThis stretch of the Law Library contains The Law Reports series: Appeal Cases (AC), Chancery Division (Ch), Family Division (Fam) and the King's Bench Division (KB), the Weekly Law Reports and the All England Law Reports.

Law reporting was regularised in the late nineteenth century, and that is why we have the older English Reports from 1235-1865 in the British Law Reports room. The reports effectively continue from then to the present day in The Law Reports series found here.

The Law Reports are fundamental to your law studies and they can be found online through our legal database subscriptions.

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Walk around the corner and look for pause point Law 9 - Finding a book

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Many legal publications use abbreviations, which you will get used to over time. It's a bit like learning phrases in another language, but like learning another language, there are resources to help you:

  • You will find Raistrick's Index to Legal Citations & Abbreviations dotted around the Law Library. This is a dictionary of abbreviations that you search through alphabetically.
  • The online Cardiff Index to Legal Abbreviations - you can search by an abbreviation or a full title.
  • The ICLR's Glossary is also really useful.


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