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Newcastle Libraries - Self Guided Tours

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Borrowing a book

With a self-service machine near the Help Desk and one in the Student Texts Collection, borrowing books from the library couldn't be easier. Simply select on the screen what you are doing, scan the barcode on your smartcard (so we know who is borrowing), then place the books on the machine's shelf (the items will be listed on the screen above) and you're done. Watch the video below for a demonstration. The loans will automatically be added to your individual library account, and don't forget that you can check the due back details on all of your books whenever you log in to Library Search.

If you have a problem with a self-service machine, or receive an unexpected error message, make your way to the Library Help Desk  where staff are available to investigate and will issue the books directly to you.

Returning books

Returning your library books is even easier than borrowing them. If the library is closed simply place them inside the book bin, on the Ground Floor next to the entrance to the Catherine Cookson Building and staff will discharge them the following day. If the library is open, you can use the self-service machines. One is located next to the Library Help desk, in front of the printers while the other one is in the STC (you will get there soon). All you have to do is select the green 'Return' button on the screen, place your items on the shelf below it and once all the items are listed, you will be directed where to place them.

If you have a problem with the self-service machines, or receive an unexpected error message, take your books to the Library Help Desk where staff will discharge them from your library account. Don't forget, you can always check the status of your loans when logging in to Library Search.

Self-service kiosks

Next stop: Next to the printers, you will find Walton 4.

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